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#Sige Sabado: Make Your Own Slime

Enjoy this unique recipe for edible slime! It’s gooey, sticky, icky fun for everyone! This recipe is completely non-toxic and safe for all kids. This kit includes:

  • Sesame Seeds
  • Cornstarch
  • Water
  • lemon yellow food coloring


Measure ¼ cup of sesame seeds and pour it into a bowl.

Add one full 16-oz box of cornstarch. Let your child mix all these together – he or she will surely enjoy this!

Add food coloring to 2.5 cups of water.

Add the water to your cornstarch and seed mixture. Stir well.

Knead the slime as if it were bread dough for five minutes.

Once the slime reaches the right gooey, icky, sticky consistency, you’re good to go!