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Colourful feathers, lavender, and glitter laid out on a wooden table.

#SigeSabado Activity: Harlequin Mask

harle1 image

This kit includes:

  • Plain mask
  • GlittersFelt
  • Paper
  • Laces
  • Glue

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Old newspapers

harle2 image


harle3 image

Spread out sheets old newspaper on a tabletop or any flat surface you’re comfortable with.

harle4 image

Cut the sheet of felt paper to match the shape of the mask as closely as possible so that it can wrap around the mask snugly. You may also opt to cut it into small, diamond-shaped pieces to achieve another type of look.

harle5 image

With glue, carefully place the felt paper cut-out on the mask. If you chose to go with the diamond shapes, set it against each other in an alternating pattern.

Cut holes on either side of the mask near where your ears would be and tie laces through each. This will be used to secure the mask onto your head.

harle6 image

Create patterns with glue on the surface of the felt paper and sprinkle glitters all over the swirls. Shake off any excess glue and set it aside to let the glue dry. Use lace to decorate the mask.

harle1 image

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