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A gingerbread man.

DIY Christmas Projects or Activities with your Children

Sige Moms, do you know that you can actually involve your children in decorating your own homes this Christmas? You don’t even have to spend a single peso for your Christmas decors. You just need to tap into your creativity, reuse your old materials at home and have lots of fun with your kids for your own homemade Christmas projects. Read on to find out what fun Christmas projects you can do at home.

Make your own Christmas gift wrapper.

Why not make your Christmas gift wrappers personalized? Together with your children, think of a theme, a color, and motif that best represent your family. If your family is the type who likes to travel or to eat, maybe you can think of a logo to include these concepts. Come up with a family logo, either hand-drawn or using the computer. You can scan, print or Xerox them and use them as stickers on a plain paper. Now you have your own gift wrapper for all your Christmas presents.

Make your own Christmas wreath.

Using old newspaper/magazines/paper, scissors and coloring materials, make your own Christmas wreath with your children. If you want to add texture to your Christmas wreath, you can use natural materials such as: leaves, tree branches, and flowers from your own garden or backyard.

Your own version of the Christmas Nativity Diorama.

Instead of buying the nativity and manger display from the mall, why not make your own instead? You can create character puppets/paper dolls to represent the different characters present during Christ’s birth (Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, etc.) You can even create the manger out of shredded newspaper and some popsicle sticks and paint it to make it appear more real.

Original Christmas Ornaments.

Have you considered making the Christmas ornaments you hang on your Christmas tree more personalized this year? Instead of the usual Christmas balls/socks, you can make your own family Christmas tree by hanging the pictures of your family members and designing it to make it as your very own ornament.

Bake your own Christmas goodies.

It is much easier to purchase candies and chocolates from the grocery to serve to your guests. But wouldn’t it be much nicer if your family will make the goodies that you can give to your visitors? Look up for recipes with your children that you can all bake or cook at home. You can also place these goodies in a nice packaging or box and let your children decorate the boxes, ready to be served during your family gatherings.

So, Sige Moms, wouldn’t it be a more fun and exciting Christmas this year? With your own family helping out in decorating your home, Christmas is definitely less costly and more meaningful this year.

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas this 2014! -SIGE GURU