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A family making cupcakes together.

Making the Christmas Dinner a Family Affair

Tips on how to involve your children for Noche Buena

The Christmas season is not just about giving and receiving gifts but it is also a perfect time for some family bonding over good food. Sige Moms, do you know that you can actually involve your child as you prepare for your Noche Buena? Yes! There’s more to just serving our children food and making sure that they are well-fed on Christmas Dinner. Here are some tips to make your Noche Buena more fun this year!

Plan the menu together.

Look at recipe books together and find out what you can serve for the family. If your child can already write, let him/her list down the recipe. Present your menu to the whole family and decide on it. Write the recipe chart on a big paper.

Do the grocery shopping.

Take your child with you either to the grocery or to the market to do your ingredients shopping. Assign specific tasks for your child, such as: looking for the items in the store; placing these items inside the cart; checking your grocery list. For older children, you can already ask them to prepare the money, count the change and make a simple accounting of how much was spent per ingredient.

Prepare the food.

Before proceeding, always remind your child about the value of food safety practices (such as washing of hands before preparing, wearing an apron/toque, etc). Let your child be involved in preparing the ingredients. For the younger ones, you can ask them to wash the food items, store these items in the refrigerator or in the kitchen area, or to sort out items that will be needed per recipe. For the older ones, you can assign them some pre-cooking tasks such as: peeling, mashing, etc.

Cook! Cook! Cook!

You can ask your child/children to assist you while you cook. He/she can give you the ingredients or you can ask them to stir/mix the ingredients. Let them also taste the food prior to serving so they also get to understand the cooking also involves measuring, and the use of all of your senses.

Plating and Serving.

Your child’s creativity can also be used as you plate the different dishes you prepared. Using some fresh greens/vegetables, you can ask your child to decorate each plate that you will be serving. As your serve the menu, you can also designate your child to explain to the whole family-the name of your dish, and even how it was cooked.

Sige Moms, why not do something different this year? Let your children explore and be part of preparing for your Noche Buena. No doubt, your children will learn a lot and enjoy this experience! Add to that, your whole family will definitely enjoy the good food this Christmas!