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Children playing with mud in buckets outdoors.

Grow Your Own Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a great veggie for kids to grow, as they don’t require much space and can be grown out in a tiny garden or balcony, as long as there’s plenty of sunlight.

They’ll take a couple of months to grow, but once they’re ready, they produce plenty to pick for snacks, salads and sauces!

What you need:

  • A large pot or two
  • Bamboo canes
  • String
  • Compost from your local garden store or supermarket
  • A tomato plant seedling (or seeds)

What to do:

  • Put the compost in your pot.
  • Dig a really deep hole in the pot using a stick or shovel.
  • Pop your tomato plant seedling in the hole and fill with more compost.
  • Stick a bamboo cane in the soil next to the plant so it has support as it grows. When it gets taller you can tie it gently to the cane with string.
  • Water it well and often, tomatoes love moisture and sunlight.

After about eight weeks you’ll be able to pick your juicy tomatoes. Enjoy!