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Children playing with a ball.

Start a Basketball Little League

Go team!

As the days get longer it means more hours to stay outside and make the most of every extra hour.

Get your kid’s friends to sign up for a basketball league, and change the team members around each week to make sure it doesn’t get too competitive! (It’s also a great excuse to catch up with other moms over coffee in the park.)

What you need:

  • Two teams of equal number
  • A basketball hoop and net
  • A basketball

What to do:

  1. Organize two teams of equal number. If there is an unequal number of team members, make each kid play against one other kid. Let each team think of a creative name for their team!
  2. Aim for a certain number of points to be reached.
  3. The first kid or team that reaches the score wins.
  4. For one-on-one plays, choosing a winner is done by elimination. The winner of one game gets to play against another.
  5. Designate a distance that corresponds to three points and another as two points.
  6. Ask an impartial adult familiar with basketball rules to moderate, act as referee and to check for foul plays.
  7. For younger kids, use crumpled paper as a basketball and a trash can as the hoop!