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Two young boys sitting on a pier.

How to Boost Social Skills for Children

Spending time with other people – socialisation – is important for children. Not only does it give children a new arena where they can try out things that they have learned at home, it is also a vital educational experience that can teach them more about the world around them.

Children learn about cultural norms and values by socialising with others. They also learn the mechanics of relationships and appropriate behaviour by observing others. So, when we asked mums what activities would boost social skills for children, it was no surprise to find they thought that specific group and cultural activities would be beneficial.

Interestingly, using social media like Facebook or Twitter came out as the top suggestion – clearly indicative of our children’s increasing interaction online. Though social media can be an interesting way to connect with friends and family, too much screen-time can also have its downsides, too.  

Do you let your children use social media? How else do you help them build social skills and teach them important social values? Share your comments with us.  

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