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A young girl standing in a field of tall grass, raising her face and hands to the sky.

How to Build Confidence in Children

All parents want their children to grow up to be successful individuals, and self-confidence can often be the key to this success. Self-confidence helps us when we’re confronted with challenges to which the answers aren’t immediately clear.

Children come across this situation frequently, as they are learning many things for the first time – but adults also encounter circumstances like this, too. Instilling a sense of confidence in children helps them to develop a healthy attitude to failure and develop a sense of determination that will eventually lead them to realise their goals. But how do you actually go about building self-confidence in children?  

Since self-confidence is closely linked to self-esteem – or feelings of self-worth – it’s a good idea to support those activities in which your child feels comfortable, while at the same time encouraging them to try step slightly outside their comfort zone.

Pushing your child to compete or to participate in activities that they do not enjoy will undoubtedly have a negative effect. Activities that involve teamwork are, therefore, excellent for building self-confidence, since they encourage cooperation between peers.  

Some of the activities mums mention as great confidence builders for their kids, are singing or playing a musical instrument, team sports, board games, dancing, and acting. What activities do you think build self-confidence for children? What do you do to give your children that extra confidence boost? Check out the kids' activities section for ideas!