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Circle of Sige Moms: Up close and Personal

What is a SIGE MOM?

How does one become a SIGE MOM?

What do SIGE MOMS do?

We asked these 5 equally beautiful, dedicated and accomplished celebrity sige moms several questions about being a mom.

Read on to learn more from them and their real-life experiences.


What do you love most about being a mom?

Barbie: The very unique relationship that a mom has for her kid and being there during their milestones

Christine: I love being a mom because I treasure the role of someone who will mold this person, literally.

Dimples: I never knew myself until I became a mom. When she cries, you cry with her. When she laughs, you laugh with her. It’s a cool rollercoaster ride to be a mother.

Gladys: I love everything about being a mom. I guess when you enter motherhood you will understand what is unconditional love.

Nikki:  I love seeing my child happy and that is enough to uplift me because not everyone is given the chance to experience this.

Can you complete this phrase: I love Saturdays because _____________

Barbie: I love Saturdays because it’s a day for being creative and making new adventures with my kid and my husband.

Dimples: Weekends are precious to me because that is when we do different activities with Cal.

Gladys: I get to spend quality time with my kids, let them explore things, and enjoy the day with the family. 

What do you think should be your role as a mom?

Barbie: Of course I think that moms are the best teachers to their children. It’s a God-given role talaga to be their first teacher, the person who will shape their creativity.

Christine: My parenting philosophy is to not say no but say yes, all the time. You can say yes with a condition but don’t say no.  Ang unang values na dapat matutunan mo sa buhay mo, sa nanay mo dapat manggaling.

Nikki: Number one, I’m a very hands-on mom with my daughter. I’m proactive and I believe in activities in honing the skills ng anak ko…it’s better to tell them and encourage them, syempre may kaunting assistance to tell them to be careful and not to worry kasi we will be there to assist them.

Why do you think being a SIGE MOM is very important?

Barbie: Playing talaga is one of the best ways to learn, So dito kasi sa Sige Moms advocacy talaga nila yung to equip moms.

Christine: I wanted to be part talaga of a movement that will remind each, help, and encourage mommies like me about the importance of playtime. The Sige sabado serves to remind moms like me that there should be time for play and to not worry too much. I want moms to go back to their own childhood by spending time with their kids because time moves so fast.

Dimples: I’m a big supporter of having fun and not having to worry of getting messy. Signing up with Unilever’s Sige Mom is really close to me talaga kasi ako nga Sige Everyday Mom nga ako e.

Tell us about your typical day with your child

Barbie: We do crafts as part of our daily lives and we play instruments around the house. When I’m practicing, they would join me. And whatever you can think of na games.

Dimples: I’m a big believer that kids talaga learn a lot when they play. So we make “play” an important part of our daily activities talaga.

Nikki: Ang anak ko kasi you don’t really have to push her, very active talaga siya. I prefer my kid to be very active. I’d rather see her running, biking, or singing, kasi mahilig kumanta yung anak ko, than sleeping lang ganun.

What are your challenges as a SIGE MOM?

Christine: I believe in moments na forever magiging embedded sa mind and heart ng anak mo. So let’s measure the quality and not the quantity. Let’s measure the impact talaga ng spending time with your kid.

Nikki: In this day and age where both parents are working, I think within yung chaos sa buhay natin, multi-tasking and being a mom, we still have to inject spending time with your child. Kasi pag hindi nangyari yun, I don’t think maganda yung magiging future nya.

What’s your advice to fellow Sige Moms out there?

Barbie: Continue to take on the challenges, wag matakot for the change in mindset and just remember their own childhood. Don’t be afraid to get dirty.

Christine: do not be a “no-no” mom but be a “go-go” mom.

Dimples: Let your kids be a child and really have fun with them.

Gladys: Spend time with your kids and allow them to explore. Learn with them, play with them, and savor each moment with them because they grow up so fast.

Nikki: Spend more time with your kids and be able to be there for them. See how they discover themselves and be happy in whatever they want to do.

So, moms out there, let these SIGE MOMS be our inspiration to start a habit and make your Saturdays extra fun.

Time to make your Saturdays count and join the #Sige Sabado movement!

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