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A father and daughter reading a book together.

How to build and deepen your relationship with your child

Sige Moms, have you asked yourself the question, “How is my relationship with my child?” Will you describe it as something that you are most proud of or will you describe it as a relationship that needs some improvement.

The next question is, “What are you doing in order to strengthen your relationship?” Read on to find out how you can both build and deepen your bond with your child.  

Stop and Look.

How often do you stop whatever you are doing in order to attend to your child? Your presence and more importantly, your attention matters a lot to your little one. Setting aside whatever you are working on for a few minutes is a must especially if your child needs your help and guidance at that very moment.

Listen with all your heart.

Listening attentively to what your child is telling you is important in building connection with your child. Establish eye contact when you hear out what your child is sharing. No matter if he repeatedly tells his stories or he talks about a topic you don’t know anything about, stay focused and listen.

Acknowledge your child.

Acknowledge your child’s feelings, reactions and opinion about a certain issue or topic. It is important that you show respect and an accepting attitude towards him.

Share your heart.

Share your feelings, opinion and reactions as well. Through this, your child is seeing the value of sharing a part of yourself to others, as well as, what it means to trust others with issues that matter to you.

Spend Quality Time.

Do things together. Find out what are your child’s interests. Make a list of the things you both want to do together. Be as creative when you do your list. Remind your child that you don’t have to spend much in order to spend some time together.

The quote by Kevin Heath, “communicating with kids, it's a 2 way street, sometimes they just need us to be there for them and listen” speaks to all of us. More than just being present physically, our relationship with our child demands our heart to be in everything that we do with them.  

Sige Moms, your child is only a child once. Build a strong relationship as early as now and for sure, you will reap the benefits later on.