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A boy licking cake mixture off a spoon while baking with his father.

How do I get my kid to eat healthier?

Question of the Week:

From: VIOLY NANA ADDUN Paano po kaya ang gagawin ko ang anak ko po ay 8 years old ngayon since nung maliit pa sya talang pinipilit ko lang syang kumain, kaya medyo chubby sya dati, sa kasulukuyan ganoon pa din pag oras na ng kainan nagkakagalit na kami, madalas ko na nga ibigay kung ano ang gustong meal pero ganun padin kung kumain halos puro rice lang....esply. gulay ayaw kumain dinadaan ko na lang po sa pag papainum ng gatas pero pinipilit ko pa rin po. Paano po kaya ang gagawin ko. 


Hi Sige Mom Violy! Thank you for sending your question. I know how challenging eating time can be for our child.  Every child is different, there are some who are picky eaters while there are some who find eating as an enjoyable one. It is important to remember that good eating habits start early. 

I believe that there is still hope for your child. First, try to find out why does your child refuse to eat a particular food? Second, creativity is the key. You can actually prepare a particular food in a different way or you can add eye appeal to your food (cut them into interesting shapes, put a smiling face, add fruit strips etc). Next, involve your child in preparing the food.

By doing this, your child gets to understand the time you invest in preparing his food and at the same time, you can ask him to describe the taste, color and texture of the ingredients used for the meal. Another suggestion is to serve a particular food that he has refused in the past together with a food that he or she enjoys eating. Last, be very, very patient. Try to serve the food again even if it was refused before.

It might take many tries, you know. As you can see Mommy Violy, it is important that you establish a particular routine when it comes to feeding your child. Think about the schedule that comes before his eating time and after it. Are there any activities prior or even after that might distract him from focusing during eating time? Are there any sources of interruptions during meal times? Strive to make meal times as a fun, family affair by involving your other family members in encouraging your child. Make meal times as a bonding activity with your child.

Remember, establishing good eating habits early on is a step towards teaching your child the value of good nutrition, that hopefully, he will carry on later in life. :)