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Help! Getting My Kid To Do Homework Instead of Playing?

Sige Question of the Week:

I’m growing tired of telling my son to do his homework when he gets home. All he wants to do is to play with his toys. I just end up getting frustrated everyday. Help!”

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Sige Guru Answers:

For a child to do his homework on his own is definitely every parent’s wish. As parents, it will be a big help for us if our children would do things on their own initiative. But to get to that point, we should start doing small steps early on.

Keep in mind that your long-term goal for your child’s education is for him to love learning. It is only when he enjoys learning that he will embrace the tasks related to school, such as doing one’s homework. It is important that you share to your child your expectations as well as the reasons for your expectations. It can be as simple as “When you study well, you will be able to get a good job that will not just support you but that you will also enjoy doing.” 

Take time also to listen to your child’s experiences both positive and negative when it comes to doing his homework. Affirm him and encourage him as well.

When it comes to setting routines, you should start doing this as early as possible. Set a daily schedule that your child can follow. You can also write this down to remind your child about it. Think about what happens before and after school, and then create a schedule. An example would be when your child arrives from school, he can have 15 minutes of rest or break then afterwards, he can do his homework for 30 minutes. Routines help instill the value of discipline in your child.

The bottom line is, when your child knows how to study efficiently, he develops competence and a positive attitude towards school and life. Good study habits establish the foundation for appropriate work habits as an adult.

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