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Happy children sitting on a tree branch.

What’s your Favorite Bonding Activity with Your Child?

How often do you touch base with your child? Do you find opportunities to connect with your child every now and then? Our children need our presence more than just our presents. We know that spending time with them means a lot for them. Whether it’s watching them during a soccer game or accompanying them to a school field trip, these simple gestures show that you are willing enough to drop everything just to be with them.

Studies will tell you that parents are the most important individuals during your child’s earliest years. The earlier you build a close relationship with your child, the more secure your child’s future will be. In effect, your child will develop a positive self-concept, healthy self-esteem, form secure relationships and become self-regulated.

As a Sige Mom, your role is to look for opportunities where you can connect with your child. Find ways where you can support his interests. Research on the different activities that you can do together. Remember to focus on your child while you both enjoy your time together. Always keep in mind that the best gift you can give to your child is the gift of time.

Sige Moms, can you share your favorite activity with your child by filling in the blank:

“My favorite bonding activity with my child is ___________________ .”

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