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Three children in sunglasses smiling as they create a splash in a swimming pool.

Letting Go: Sige Lang!

It’s widely reported that playing, in its many forms, has a significant impact on a child’s development.

One thing you may not have realized is that we, as parents, play a huge role in allowing this play to actually happen.  We have a responsibility to help our kids play, but it’s normal to have some reservations about doing so.  Whether these hesitations are communicated through our direct actions, thoughts we have, or fears we harbour, the important thing for us to remember is that we’re not alone – parents all around the world share similar feelings.  By recognizing this, we can further help our kids lead happy, fulfilled and balanced lives.

Through research we’ve conducted over the last five years, we have begun to recognize patterns across the world in parents’ behaviour with their children and play.  We know that almost 70% of parents are scared that their children will get hurt if they try a new activity. However, this should not be a reason to stop children from trying new things.

Almost the same percentage of children say trying something new makes them feel happy and more confident (63%).  Getting hurt, getting dirty and experiencing new things are all part of growing up and developing healthily, so these things should be embraced and not feared.  Our kids don’t worry about them, so, as parents, why should we?

Top 5 Results

Here's a snapshot of what parents and children think about having a go at something new:

  • 92% of parents and caregivers agree that it’s essential for children’s development to try new or different things
  • 63% of children say having a go at something new makes them feel happy
  • 69% of parents admit that their greatest concern about letting their kids do something new or different is that they might get hurt
  • 19% of parents feel that new or different things cost too much money

 PLAY. Ito ang gusto nila. Dito sila masaya

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