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Children playing on a yellow slide.

Minsan Lang Sila Bata!


Minsan Lang Sila Bata

Minsan lang sila bata. Kaya’t hayaan mo silang maglaro!

Kids want to play. All the time! Some play is supervised and some happens in those moments when you’re not around: at school, at friend’s houses, at play dates and after school gatherings. Playing is crucial to a child’s development and we, as parents, can often put up barriers to play without even realizing we’re doing it.

When your kids tackle a new experience, you might be surprised by the activities kids really want to try during their playtime! Here are some suggested fun activities for kids.

Top 10 Suggested Have A Go! Activities for Kids

  1. Biking around the neighborhood
  2. Chinese garter
  3. Playing outside when it rains
  4. Taguan (Hide and seek)
  5. Patintero (Filipino version of tag)
  6. Tsato (throwing a stick as far as possible)
  7. Sipa (Literally meaning "kick", a traditional Filipino toy)
  8. Playing with water and making splashes
  9. Tumbang preso
  10. Agawang base
Have any other games you can suggest other moms? Post your suggestions below!