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Join Breeze’s Sige crafts activity contest to win Legoland trip!

My kids are very young (only 3 and 2) but we try to do arts and crafts activities every week. My boys prefer to play with cars, robots and Legos, but once in a while, my mommy guilt nags at me and I haul out the crayons, glue, paints and brushes and we create something. I post their artwork on Instagram:

So when we got the big Breeze Sige Sabado Playbox, the kids were excited!

I told ya it was big. For good reason. Inside were eight activities for my kids to enjoy. All the materials were provided, too! So hindi bitin! I've tried some crafts boxes and some of them are incomplete, like they assume you already have the materials in your home, so sometimes I want to do an activity with my kids and then I don't do it na lang because I check the materials and kulang. The Breeze Sige Sabado Playbox is complete!

We decided to paint a mask. I figured it was the easiest for my little boys to do and will help develop their fine motor skills and (handling crayons, pens and paintbrushes) and with identifying colors.

The kids pick out their art materials.

They start with

Then with color markers.

Then they finished off the whole mask with watercolor paints.

Iñigo has lost interest at this point!

And here's the finished product!

Now for the exciting part! The chance to win a trip to Legoland Malaysia!


Here's what you have to do:

1. Like the Breeze Philippines Facebook page

2. Go to the Sige Sabado app.

3. Register your information.

4. Submit your child's photo of the crafts activity you made. It doesn't have to be the Breeze Sige Sabado Playbox. It can be any arts and crafts activity as long as it's amazing!

5. Cross your fingers and hope to win!


For more information, check out the Facebook page of Breeze Philippines. Have fun with your kids, mommies! Don't be afraid to enjoy life. Sure, it can be messy (anything that involves kids is messy) but with the superior cleaning and stain-removing powers of Breeze laundry detergent, you don't have to worry about that. Life is a breeze!


Frances Sales