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The inside of a washing machine filled with laundry.

How to Choose the Best Washing Machine

When washing machines were first introduced, buying one was simple – there were hardly any options to choose from! Today, however, the choice can be overwhelming. The question you need to ask yourself is which is the best washing machine for you and your family? Here’s a guide for all mums to help figure out which would be the best washing machine for your family.  


Is a Top Loading or Front Loading Washing Machine Better?

In the Philippines, top-loading machines are quite common, and can seem like a good deal initially. However, if you’re keen to save money on your energy bills and conserve water, a front-loading machine may a better option. Choosing washing machines based upon energy efficiency is very sensible, as it can save you money in the long term, and also help you to do your part for the environment.  


Automatic or Semi Automatic Machine?

One area where you might not want to skimp on price is the choice between an automatic or semi automatic machine. If possible, always choose the fully automatic option, which will take care of the whole washing process from start to finish. While a semi automatic machine may be more affordable, the effort of having to manually add water and dry the clothes afterwards detracts from the main benefit of a washing machine: convenience! With proper care, a washing machine can last up to 10 years, so it is worth paying more for a quality machine. However, a fully automatic washing machine might not be suitable for the area where you live – this depends on your water supply! If you’re in any doubt, or are confused by the various options, read washing machine reviews online – they can be very useful.  


Consider Capacity

The capacity of a washing machine is something that needs to be considered carefully. If you have a large family and plenty of space for a high capacity machine, then great! However, if you have a smaller family, or are short on spare space in your home, a smaller machine may be the better option. A smaller machine means you’re less likely to need to run a half-full load, so you can instantly save water this way, and they can also fit into more compact spaces. Some washing machines have as little as a 3kg capacity, making them ideal for smaller households.  


Wash Times

It’s certainly not vital that you choose your new washing machine by wash times, but the shorter the wash, the better, right? Absolutely! Some washing machines today offer quick washes lasting just 30 minutes or an hour, which means you can have fresh, clean, hygienic clothes almost instantly. Think back to when you were washing your clothes by hand, and what a long process that was. Now you can have clean clothes as if by magic! The convenience of these washing machines is that you’re not waiting around for hours for the cycle to finish, leaving you with much more free time on your hands. So how you will make the most of it? Try not to get overwhelmed when you shop for a washing machine. Rather than looking at a sea of machines and feeling lost, simply narrow down the options based upon your own personal preferences. If, for example, you decide you want a front-loading machine rather than a top loading machine, that rules out half of the options straight away – choosing a washing machine can be so simple!

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