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Woman in pink trousers pouring fabric conditioner into a bottle cap.

Fabric Conditioners

Kailangan ba talaga ng fabric conditioners?

You feel better wearing your clothes because they are softer. Everybody knows that using fabric conditioner makes your clothes feel softer, more bouncy and more comfortable to wear. Softer clothes are less harsh and scratchy on your skin.You will notice the difference between clothes washed in fabric conditioner and those washed without.

  • Fabric conditioner lightly conditions each of the fibers, helping them to remain smooth and retain their natural elasticity.
  • Fabric conditioner keeps your clothes looking newer for longer. Fibers can tangle and bobble when washed without fabric conditioner, making them prone to wear and tear.
  • Washing clothes in fabric conditioner saves you time and effort, too. Smoother fibers make creases fall more easily and ironing requires less effort!

Look at fabric conditioners in the same way you view hair conditioners. Most women (and some men) wouldn’t dream of washing their hair without it. So why not care for your clothes in the same way by using fabric conditioner? Breeze recommends Surf Fabric Conditioner