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A red item of clothing being hand washed in a basin.

Lace and Lingerie


Hinay-hinay sa underwear To care for bras, slips, undergarments and delicate sleepwear:

  • Unless otherwise specified on the garment care label, hand wash in warm water using laundry soap or a detergent without enzymes.
  • Use a gentle plunging action and avoid rubbing.
  • Do not hand wring or tumble dry.
  • Dry out of direct sunlight (dry lace flat).
  • Use cool iron if necessary.
  • Pantyhose and stockings often lose color when washed. To avoid dye from transferring to other garments, always wash them separately.
  • When washing delicate items in the washing machine, always follow the machine manufacturers' instructions and use the delicate or gentle cycle.
  • To minimize the risk of damage to your delicate items, always place them in a delicates bag.

Trimmings Trimmings on garments can affect how they are washed or which product is used. For example, if a garment has a leather collar the care label may say 'Dry Clean Only' even if the rest of the garment is washable.