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A red travelling bag filled with clothes.


Tamang paraan ng pag-iimpake

When you're travelling, careful packing will help ensure that your clothes arrive in good wearable shape, minimizing the need for ironing and retaining the shape of the items packed.


  • Shirt collars can be kept in shape by padding them out with socks or underwear.
  • Any gaps should be filled with small items to keep clothes from moving about while you are travelling.
  • Cover the contents with a beach towel and soft items to form the top layer. The two layers of soft garments should now protect your easily creased items and the padding inside will help them keep their shape.


Trousers, jackets and skirts

  • Lay clothes such as jackets, trousers and skirts unfolded across the case.
  • Then put flat, soft items (like scarves or sweatshirts) on them before folding in the ends. This helps prevent hard creases from forming.
  • Try to fold clothes along their existing creases.


Non-crease items

  • Roll up some non-creasing soft garments and use them to make a first layer.
  • Cover the first layer with a towel to provide a soft base for the easily creased items.


Heavy items

  • Put the heavy things (like shoes and hairdryer) near the base of the suitcase.
  • To keep the shape of your shoes, push rolled-up socks inside.