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Children's outspread hands forming a circle on a grass backdrop.

Skin Care Tips

Mahalin ang iyong kutis!


  • Many new clothes have finishes on them (to make them more appealing on the shelf).
  • Wash new clothing before you wear it.
  • Fabric conditioners are designed to make clothes feel soft.
  • Sensitive skin may react to fabric softeners. If this is your experience, you may need to avoid using fabric softeners.

Bathing and showering

  • Try not to spend too long in the shower or bath (no more than 20 minutes soaking in the bath).
  • Don't have the water too hot. Water can dry the skin when it evaporates.
  • Instead of soap, consider using mild, non-soap cleansers, such as Dove cream bar.
  • Try not to over-stimulate the skin with excessive massage, rubbing, or exfoliation.
  • Dry your skin by patting it with a soft towel.
  • Moisturize with a product like Vaseline Lotion for very dry skin.
  • When you go shopping, choose cosmetics, lotions and detergents that are labelled "dermatologically-tested" and "hypoallergenic".