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Sige Moms Wash Their Way to Guinness Record for Philippines

A total of 2,132 "Sige Moms" washed and danced their way to a new Guinness World Record for the Philippines: the “Most Number of People Handwashing Fabric Simultaneously” at a single venue.

The "Sige Moms" gathered at the University of Makati field oval to simultaneously handwash a 1,200 meter-long fabric to beat the previous record set in Vietnam by 1,968 people hand washing a single 400-meter cloth.

Guinness World Record adjudicator Kristy Bennet (shown in bottom photo, second from right) flew in from London to oversee the record attempt and validate its success with the help of 47 other independent witnesses.

“Even if it was raining, I’ve never seen so many people smiling and dancing while doing the laundry! It was so lovely,” said Ms. Bennet.

The white cloth, stained with choco milk, ink and grape juice, was washed with Breeze with ActivBleach, effectively demonstrating its effectiveness against different kinds of stains.

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