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Breeze Cleaner Planet Plan

The Cleaner Planet Plan is about bringing you products that are not only great at cleaning, but also tread a little lighter on the planet. With over a million people using our products every five minutes, we have 125 billion wash opportunities every year to make a difference. We’ve looked at how the laundry process affects the environment- from the raw materials we use, to the way we make the product and even how our consumers use our products. Below is an example of what a product footprint for greenhouse gas would look like.


Cleaner Planet Plan Diagram


A large percentage of greenhouse gas comes from heating water in machines in developed countries. This is why we strive to bring you top performing products that give you a great clean at low temperatures. But we’re also committed to reducing our impact across the entire value chain and are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact throughout the laundry process.

Sa Pilipinas, hindi karaniwan ang temperature-controlled washing machines. Pero may magagawa pa rin tayo para makatulong sa kalikasan. In our factories: Since 1995 our laundry factories have reduced water by 76%, greenhouse gases by 44% and waste by 70%.

In our raw materials: In 2012, we re-formulated more than half of all our products to reduce up to 25% greenhouse gas per pack. We’re also concentrating our powders, saving both energy and packaging. We promise to do our bit – and you can help make an even bigger difference by doing some of these simple things. Basta lahat tulong-tulong, kaya natin ito! 

Magtipid ng Enerhiya, Tipid Sa Gastos If you use machines with temperature control, try washing at low temperatures as often as you can. You can get brilliant cleaning from as low as 15°C. Even at 30°C, you can save up to 40% on energy and cut your electricity bill, too.

Bawasan ang Packaging Waste Buy larger packs. Not only are they cheaper per gram, you will be using less packaging and environmental waste. If everyone bought larger packs, it would have the equivalent effect of taking a million cars off the road!

Magtipid ng Tubig We recommend you always wash with a full load. Also, thanks to our great formulas, there’s no need to pre-wash. Doing this will save water and reduce your utility bills.

Tamang Dami Lamang With the great cleaning power that is delivered by our products, there is no need to use more detergent. By using the right dose in each wash, you’ll save unnecessary detergent and money at the same time. So make sure you check the pack for instructions before your wash.